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Looking how to setup and use iSingWorship?

Firstly if you haven't already, check out our Getting Started videos.

We have some guides on how to best setup iSingWorship in your church.

Also take a look at our comprehensive User Guide on how to use iSingWorship.

Need help with the iSingWorship app?

As mentioned above there is a lot of information on our User Guide.

Otherwise have a look at our FAQs here.

Need help with iSingWorship Subscriptions?

You can subscribe to one of the iSingWorship subscriptions here:

If you already have a subscription you can manage it here.

Want to know how iSingWorship could work for you?

iSingWorship on a PC
iSingWorship on a Mac
iSingWorship on an iPad or iPhone
iSingWorship and Streaming
iSingWorship vs YouTube
iSingWorship and CCLI Reporting

Found an issue with the app?

You can report the problem here.

Found an issue with one of our songs?

You can request a change to a song here.

Do you have any suggestions or feedback on iSingWorship?

You can provide feedback here.