Using iSingWorship on a Windows PC

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Using iSingWorship on a Windows PC

Setting up a Windows PC for iSingWorship

Firstly make sure you have the latest version of iSingWorship installed. The latest version is available here.

It is best to have a two-screen setup. One to show the operator specific information, such as the iSingWorship control screen or your presentation software. The other screen will show what the congregation will see.

Examples include:

  • Laptop at front with projector attached.
  • PC Computer in a sound desk with its own screen and also connected to the church projector or TV screen(s).

By default most laptops and PCs are set to show the same information on both screens. Whilst this is simple to understand it is not the best for the congregation. Instead we recommend "extending" the screens to show two different screens.

Once you have the two screens physically connected and turned on, try the following:

  1. Right click an empty place on the desktop.
  2. Select "Display Settings"
  3. Scroll down to "Multiple Displays" and select "Extend these displays"
  4. Select "Keep these changes" if it all looks OK.
  5. Close the display settings.
(These instructions are for Windows 10. Windows 11 should be similar).

You will also need to connect your PC to your church speakers or sound desk. This should be a case of using the appropriate audio leads from the PC.

Setting up iSingWorship alongside your presentation software.

Here are some instructions on how to use Microsoft's PowerPoint software. If you use other software then you can use some of the information below as a pointer.

Setting up iSingWorship alongside PowerPoint

Once you have the two screens connected:

  1. Start iSingWorship
  2. Select the small "TV" icon at the bottom.
  3. Select "Advanced Settings"
  4. Change "Show screen" to "Always"
  5. Press "Back" and then "Done"

  1. Start PowerPoint
  2. Create a blank presentation
  3. Select "Slide Show"
  4. Make sure "Use Presenter View" is on (checked)
  5. Then select "From Beginning"
  6. At the top right of the screen select the "restore down" button to make the presenter view smaller so that you can see iSingWorship as well.
(These instructions are for PowerPoint 365. Other editions may be slightly different).

You should see the iSingWorship and PowerPoint windows on the first screen and now the blank presentation (or the iSingWorship blank screen) on the second screen.

Switching between iSingWorship and PowerPoint

Seamlessly switching between iSingWorship and PowerPoint is important for the best congregation experience.

You can switch between them by simply clicking on iSingWorship or the PowerPoint "Presenter View". This should also automatically switch what is displayed on the main external screen.

However you can just use the keyboard if it is easier by doing the following:

  1. Press and hold the "Alt" key and then press the "Tab" key once and keeping holding the "Alt" key.
  2. Check through the thumbnails of software that is currently running.
  3. Pressing the "Tab" key once cycles through each window of the software.
  4. Once you have highlighted the correct window, let go of the "Alt" key.

You should now be able to switch directly between iSingWorship and PowerPoint or any other software.

We recommend try practising this controlling both programs so that you can do this in a live situation.

Further ideas

It is probably easiest to use the Playlists feature in iSingWorship to organize the songs in advance. This will save time during the service. We also recommend downloading any songs familiar to your congregation that you may also want to use.

iSingWorship does itself have the ability to display picture slides in playlists. This may make it easier for you rather than switching to/from PowerPoint. Simply take screenshots of what is needed and add them as pictures into iSingWorship.

Also you may find it easier to insert "Pauses" into the playlist. This means iSingWorship will automatically stop after a song.

Other options include using PowerPoint without the presenter view which you may prefer. Or maybe with iSingWorship changing the advanced display setting to "Show when playing" may be better since the external screen will automatically close.


We hope these instructions were useful. However you will probably need to adapt these instructions to your own needs. Again we recommend setting up, testing, and practising this technology in advance. Please let us know your feedback. We would be very interested to hear your experiences and how we can improve iSingWorship for you.