Using iSingWorship

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Using iSingWorship

Using iSingWorship in your church

Here are some recommendations of how best to use iSingWorship for your church services. We hope these guides will get you started. If you have any questions about this please let us know at Support.

Every church setup is different so a 'mix n match' approach may be needed. It might help to involve someone who is gifted with some technical know-how. We strongly recommend giving as much setup time as possible, together with some practice, well before using in any services. There will inevitably be some technical issues that crop up.

Using iSingWorship with presentation software

Currently we recommend using iSingWorship alongside some presentation software. This will allow you to conduct a whole service whilst giving you the best of all worlds: the best music, the best flexibility and the best presentation slides.

Please choose from the following:

More information on how to use iSingWorship on a PC

More information on how to use iSingWorship on a Mac

More information on how to use iSingWorship on an iPad or iPhone

Streaming your services?

We are very happy to allow iSingWorship songs to be used for the purposes of streaming services for your congregation online.

Please click here for more info.

How do I use iSingWorship with Zoom?