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What People Say

Matt Redman

"I'm really impressed with the iSingWorship app and know it's going to be a really helpful resource for many worship leaders. Whether you use it to lead in a small group or simply to rehearse a new song to, it's a brilliantly thought-out new tool for worship musicians."

Matt Redman, Worship Leader and Songwriter

Tim Hughes

“iSingWorship is a brilliant and creative resource for worship leaders and churches. This will be particularly exciting for people who are keen to lead worship but don’t have the musicians and resources to do so regularly. Well worth checking out.”

Tim Hughes, Songwriter / Director of Worship at HTB

Noel Richards

"Sung worship is an important aspect of church gatherings. Until recently, for many congregations, with limited musical resources, it was difficult to do this well. Now with the iSingWorship app, it is possible for every church to have great music, with amazing flexibility. Select your ideal key, repeat choruses or verses, display lyrics and chords for the worship team. It works for individuals and small home groups needing something 'unplugged' or in larger gatherings, requiring a full band. This app puts everything you need for worship-leading, in the palm of your hands."

Noel Richards, Singer / songwriter

Tim Jupp

"I meet so many churches in my travels that struggle to resource the worship in their church, that discovering a product like iSing is a massive encouragement that not only are there people out there who care about resourcing the church in this way, but actually have the skills to develop an incredible tool that is able to revolutionise worship leading for so many that might otherwise struggle. I'd encourage worship leaders and musicians to download it now and see what a difference it can make."

Tim Jupp, BigChurchDayOut

Chris Bowater

"At last! A resource that uses current technology to serve the local Church where it is often most vulnerable. Worship! Not all churches are blessed with gifted musicians and worship leaders. The small church, care group, even children and youth ministries sometimes need to resort to an inflexible sing-a-long with a favourite CD recording. 'iSingWorship' provides a well produced version of a song that can be used incorporating a great measure of spontaneity and sensitivity. The controller of this great app in effect becomes the worship leader and can determine the arrangement of the song 'on the fly', repeating verses, bridge sections, instrumental verses, even varying how each song starts and ends. It also has immense potential as a teaching resource; emerging musicians can play along with the tracks without having to carry the weight of ultimate responsibility. I have talked about a resource like this for years. 'iSingWorship' has done it!"

Chris Bowater, Songwriter, Worship Leader, Author and Pastor CB

Branon Dempsey

"Amazing new App that does what it says: iSing. For the love of your small group worship, youth, children and even for your band, you gotta check-out iSingWorship. With it's proven flexibility to be both a backing track and on-screen lyric projection device, this easy, free app will keep the flow of your worship in the palm of your hand. At the ridiculous cost for each song, you will be impressed by its minimal effort for such a maximised tool your Worship Ministry!"

Branon Dempsey, CEO, Worship Team Training

Matt Summerfield

"iSingWorship is an absolutely genius idea and a brilliant app. It's simple to use, incredibly flexible and just hits the spot in terms of what groups and churches need. 10 out of 10."

Matt Summerfield, CEO Urban Saints

Jonny Brennan

"The iSingWorship app is amazingly versatile, I have used it in schools, in church, in small groups, on my own, and blaring it out on a bus going in front of the olympic flame! This has to be an essential app for Youth and schools workers out there!"

Jonny Brennan, Secondary School Manager, Wirral YFC

Neil Bennetts

"iSingWorship is an amazing app, created for worship leaders by people who really get worship. It is easy to use, yet puts so many creative possibilities at your fingertips that makes it ideal for small groups, church plants or even school assemblies - anywhere that needs great music and flexibility but where live band options are not possible. I wholeheartedly recommend it."

Neil Bennetts, NewWineWorship

Marcus Pagnam

"Simple enough to be easy to use, yet flexible enough to enable true Spirit - inspired worship. In short it's fantastic and a huge step forwards from the days of singing along to a CD. I wholeheartedly commend it to you."

Marcus Pagnam, Worship Pastor, St John's Church, Harborne, Birmingham

Tim Heath

"With increasing church planting and much of this now in cities, one of the elements that proves a challenge is getting our culture and values of worship when there may not yet be the musicians and worship leaders available. This is also true for new home groups that start. And this is where iSingWorship comes in so well - it's wonderfully easy to use, can be played through many devices, and enables any leader, musical or not, to lead worship that is Spirit led, technology enabled. This is a wonderfully thought out application and a real tool for any leader to have use of."

Tim Heath, Tallinn New Frontiers Church Plant

Other Quotes:

"iSingWorship is an absolutely genius idea and a brilliant app. It's simple to use, incredibly flexible and just hits the spot in terms of what groups and churches need. 10 out of 10."

"It is without doubt the best app of its kind, I can't praise it often enough. Easy to use and reliable. I've recommended it to loads of people and will happily continue to do so."

"This app is revolutionizing the way my youth group worships. No longer singing to static CDs, this is amazing!"

"I've been leading worship for nearly 10 years and also work in IT and this had to be the best piece of software I've ever seen!"

"I normally don't write much to companies but I just wanted to tell you that we just LOVE your app. We've downloaded every song already and find that iSingWorship's ability to give small groups/small churches more options for how they conduct their worship is simply unparalleled."

"Excellent arrangements, easy to use, fantastic app."

"Having used iTunes for a year, iSingWorship is like being released from prison. A song can last as long as you want it to as the Holy Spirit leads. People can pray or prophesy over the music with the one chord or soft chord option, it is just so flexible."

"This app has been a great blessing to my Worship band. We are a group of beginners and the guidance of this app has helped us to learn new songs faster, both musicians and singers. It has truly revolutionized our worship."

"This app is great! Being able to transpose the songs just put this app OVER THE TOP! Awesome!"

"Thanks for bringing this app. It has become a lifeline to our singing as our fellowship has no musicians at present and only one singer!"

"This is really applied customer centered a qualified chartered engineer I really appreciate this."

"We have been using iSingWorship for the past 3 months and the difference in our worship has been amazing. As worship leader, I can see that the congregation have been uplifted and everyone is praising God to the max!!!! This morning there was hardly a hand that wasn't in the air praising our Lord and the comments made to me after the service were that they didn't want to stop singing. I can't thank you enough."

"Gives so much confidence to the congregation who have taken major leaps forward...a true blessing to us all. Thank you"


Winner Premier Digital Awards 2016 - App of the Year.