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iSingWorship Plus runs on Windows PC, MacOS, iOS and Android devices.

iSingWorship Plus has all features of iSingWorship plus...
  • Access to the entire iSingWorship song library - ideal for trying out new songs without purchasing them
  • Instant access to all new songs as they are released
  • Tempo change - speed up or slow down songs to better suit different situations
  • Cloud support - Automatically copy playlists and arrangements between devices
  • Use on up to 5 different devices under the same account
  • Motion background support - over 100 high quality motion backgrounds included
  • New high quality background pictures - over 100 included
  • No limitations - cancel and restart your subscription anytime
  • Any existing song purchases are unaffected, i.e. are still available if subscription expires
  • Only $12:99/£9:99 a month
  • One off purchase and simple to set up
  • On your first subscription a discount is applied if you have previously purchased more than 50 songs:
    • 50 - 99 songs purchased: 20% off subscription for 12 months
    • 100 - 149 song purchased: 40% off subscription for 12 months
    • 150 or more songs purchased: 60% off subscription for 12 months
    • (Note this only applies once. Any subsequent subscriptions will be charged at standard rate.)
You need the latest version of the app in order to use iSingWorship Plus. You can download it here.