Engaging God's people in Praise
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The flexible all-in-one worship resource

iSingWorship is an easy to use, uniquely flexible resource designed to engage and inspire people in worship.

Perfect for churches, small groups, kids groups, music rehearsals or even your own personal use.

Includes music and vocals designed especially to sing along with rather than as a performance.

Provides the flexibility to suit your church and congregation.

Using iSingWorship is just like having your own very experienced band playing with you as you sing or lead worship.

Simplicity leading Worship

Enables worship leading when there are few or no musicians. For whole-church settings but also great for smaller groups or gatherings. Play high quality dedicated music with or without vocals. Sing or play alongside iSingWorship with acoustic guitar whilst chords are automatically displayed for the leader only. Perhaps ease the pressure off your existing worship band by using the app from time to time. All songs available via a monthly subscription service.

Flexibility during Worship

Unlike a video that runs through from start to finish, you can choose how to put the song together. Change verses, choruses, bridges, etc in real time by simply clicking on the app. Play soft intrumental sections whilst talking or praying. Customise backgrounds from a selected library of photos. Upload your own photos to show in the background. Add motion video backgrounds. Adjust tempo if desired. Adjust song key if you have a mostly female or mostly male group. Select acoustic only versions or instrumentals.

Dedicated for worship

Music especially designed for worship settings. Music carefully crafted and produced to encourage congregational singing. Musical keys are carefully chosen for female and male groups to comfortably sing. No distracting adverts popping up on screen during worship!

Convenience around Worship

Song words are displayed automatically at just the right time. Can be operated (playing and projection) by one person. Useful for band practice and learning new songs. Prepare in advance playlists and/or different arrangements. Multiple designated users can sign in and prepare worship on their own devices. Makes preparing CCLI reports easier as CCLI song numbers are included in the app.

Even more flexibility

Adjust spelling for different regions. Replace English lyrics in different languages. Works seemlessly alongside any presentation software. Easy to include with streaming services such as Zoom. Available on PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

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If you would like music, chords and/or lyrics from the iSingWorship song library in formats for use within other software (such as Pro Presenter, Power Point etc), please see our central resources site: The Worship Zone.